Tenant Handbook

Property Management

Pac-Hill Limited Partnership office is located on the Roof Garden, Suite RG8.  

Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Mailing address is:  

Pac-Hill Limited Partnership

520 SW Yamhill St, RG8

Portland OR  97204

Contact List
  • General Email
    [email protected]
  • Maintenance Phone
  • Techs
    Kevin Tellegen, Peter Kulakevich
  • Title
    Maintenance Supervisor
  • Name
    Pavel Gorbunov
  • Phone
  • Email
    [email protected]
  • Name
    Doug Lilley
  • Title
    Partner, Bldg. Operation Manager
  • Phone
  • Name
    Charles Lilley
  • Title
    General Managing Partner
  • Phone

New Tenant Information

Move Plan and Preparation

All moves should be scheduled to take place after normal business hours. Moving is allowed Monday-Friday, 6pm to 11pm. Moves may also be scheduled to take place on Saturdays and Sundays during staffed hours 8am to 4 pm.  

You must use padded elevators.


RE:  Ordering Directory strips and door signs

Building standard signage is provided one time at no cost to new tenants.  Signage includes a listing on the main lobby directory board, a listing in the floor elevator lobby and a suite identification sign.  Signs must be approved by management. Additional signs or directory strips are available at the tenant’s expense.


We ask that you type the name exactly as you want it to appear on the directory strip or door sign (last name first, etc.) on your Business Letterhead and fax or e-mail this to us:

fax: 503-226-1310 or e-mail [email protected].

From our order date until we receive the strips or sign, the time can be up to three weeks.  

Keys and Key Control

Pacific Building will provide 2 keys per each lock set at no charge to new tenants.  Additional keys can be ordered at a nominal additional cost by contacting maintenance at 971-225-0015.  In order to preserve the integrity of our security system, keys and locks must be ordered through the Pacific Building.  For safety and security, all tenant door locks must be keyed to the building key system. This is necessary to allow access for daily janitorial service and emergency response access

Building Security and Access cards

Pacific Building has a security system that includes swipe pads on all of the Stairwell doors in the Lobby: East, West and Basement, each Tenant floor as well as the front door. Each tenant’s card opens only their stairwell door. The stairwell doors remain locked at all times.  Those wishing to use the stairs or front door may utilize their Access card. Each access card has a unique number on the back of the card. Lost or damaged cards will incur a $25.00 re-issuance charge. An employee will be on the Pacific Building premises between 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM Monday through Friday and 7:00 AM to 3 PM weekends and holidays. Please call the office at 503-227-6142 if you have any questions. The maintenance email is [email protected] to use for any maintenance requests or concerns. The office email is office@thepacificbuilding.com  for scan card questions, orders and directory strips and questions.

We appreciate your patience and understanding should any inconveniences occur. The hours for the unlocked Lobby doors are:

  •         Monday – Friday ~ 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  •         Sat/Sun & Holidays ~ All doors will remain locked
  •         Door 2 will continue to utilize the Access Card during all hours. Please use the swipe pad when entering and leaving the building when the doors are secured. If you do not have a card available, please press the Egress button on the West wall to insure your exit is recorded.


We stress the importance of securing little used office spaces, small personal items, financial instruments, etc, at all times, even when your office is occupied!  Lunchtime, group meetings and ordinary business routines provide ample opportunity for those individuals looking for unsecured items and areas. In many cases, moments may be all that is necessary! For everyone’s safety and security, please review the following:


  •         Request office staff to question anyone unfamiliar to them working or moving through work areas
  •         Contact the building office or maintenance staff immediately to report suspicious persons or activity. Safety and security issues should be called in to maximize response time to 971.225.0015 first and call the office 503-227-6142 if you do not receive a response from the 971-225-0015 phone number.


As always, please contact the office or maintenance if you have any questions or concerns.

Conference Room Policy and Procedure Guide

The Pacific Building is pleased to provide a conference room available at no cost for tenant use.

Hold your next conference, presentation, luncheon, meeting here!

Location:  4th Floor


  •         Large table with Executive Seating for 20+
  •         Smart TV with input jacks, remote
  •         Refrigerator
  •         Sink

Secure Access via Keycard

Make a reservation by:


Access to conference room will be via your Keyscan cards for all employees (or specific if you prefer) for the duration of the meeting time.


Alternatively, door can be unlocked for general access.  Please do not prop door open.


We will provide instruction on operation of Smart TV (Please advise if you want a walk through on the process ahead of time.)

Tenant Responsibility:

  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • All trash in proper receptacles
  • Unplug all devices attached to Smart TV

Advise management of any issues


Storage units are available for lease upon request.  Units vary in size and location. For additional information contact our main office at 503-227-6142.

Bicycle Storage

Secure Bike storage available for tenant use. Please use padded elevator for movement of bicycles within the building.  For additional information contact our tenant services at 503-227-6142.

Smoking Policy

The Pacific Building is a No Smoking facility

“Under Oregon’s Smokefree Workplace Law, smoking is prohibited in public places and workplaces, with few exceptions. Public place means any enclosed area open to the public. Place of employment means an enclosed area that is under the control of a public or private employer and that employees frequent during the course of employment.

Workplaces and public places that must be smokefree include, but are not limited to:

  •         Employee break rooms  
  •         Restaurants
  •         Private offices and commercial office buildings (including bathrooms).
  •         Retail and wholesale establishments
  •    Smoking is not allowed within 10 feet of building entrances, exits, windows and air intake vents.”

Oregon.gov website: http://public.health.oregon.gov/PreventionWellness/TobaccoPrevention/SmokefreeWorkplaceLaw/Pages/index.aspx

Roof Garden

The Pacific Building is pleased to provide a garden patio available at no cost for tenant use.

Available at all times for casual get togethers or may be reserved for a private function.

Location:  Roof Garden, access via stairs or elevator from 10th floor.


  •         Tables, some with umbrellas –  Seating for 20+

Make a reservation by:




REF:  Roof Garden Events and Serving Liquor


Our Commercial Insurance Company has informed us that any tenant or caterer serving liquor inside the Pacific Building or on the Roof Garden is liable for the well-being of the persons attending the gathering.   

The Pacific Building insurance agent suggests that you check with your insurance agent regarding this matter and your coverage.

Pacific Spring / Pac-Hill Limited Partnership do not accept liability.

Building Operations

Service Requests

All requests for needed maintenance and janitorial services are to be requested via email to:

[email protected]

Most requests will be handled within 24 hours.

For high priority requests please call 503-225-0015.

Janitorial Services

Nightly janitorial service and trash removal is provided Monday – Friday from 6pm to 11pm.  To remove larger than normal quantities of trash, please contact Tenant Services.

  1. Daily
    1. All carpets will be vacuumed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All common areas, corridors, will be vacuumed 5x’s per week.
    2. Mop all hard surface floors with treated mops. Damp-mop as required to remove stains spills, marks.
    3. 9th floor: use microfiber and all-natural/water floor cleaner on a metal floor
    4. Empty wastebaskets and other waste containers, insert liners as required and remove and deposit trash into designated containers. (Compost included.) Disinfect and remove stains on the outside of wastebaskets.
    5. Return chairs and wastebaskets to the proper position
    6. Disinfect and dust all open areas on desks, filing cabinets, and furniture.
    7. Remove fingerprints, dirt smudges, etc. from all doors, partition glass, and wall mirrors.
    8. Clean, polish, and disinfect all drinking fountains
    9. Arrange furniture and magazines in reception and waiting areas.
    10. Disinfect all frequently touched areas including handles, doors, knobs, push plates, and elevator buttons with EPA registered disinfectants. (COVID disinfecting).



    1. Clean and polish chrome and bright metal and push/kick plates.
    2. Spot clean around light switches and door frames.
    3. Disinfect and dust all low reach areas including all vertical surfaces of office furniture, baseboards, windowsills, chairs, all ledges, etc.
    4. Clean and sanitize all kitchens or bar sinks and faucets.


    1. Dust Venetian blinds
    2. Vacuum or brush upholstered furniture as needed.
    3. Dust all high reach areas including the top of door frames, trim, structural and furniture, ledges, air conditioning diffusers and return grills, top of picture frames, etc.


    1. Dust overhead lighting fixtures, ventilation ducts, and vents, vacuum surrounding ceiling areas
  1. Daily
    1. Polish exterior entry
    2. Dust and remove debris from all door thresholds.
    3. Clean and polish chrome and bright metal, entrance doors, and kick and push plates
    4. Clean glass on entrance glass and doors.
    5. Spot clean all glass and glass doors.
    6. Spot clean all interior architectural finishes, door frames, and base.
    7. Empty, clean, and sanitize all wastebaskets and disinfect outside of waste receptacles.
    8. Mop all floor surfaces and vacuum all mats and carpet surfaces.
    9. Disinfect all frequently touched areas including handles, doors, knobs, push plates, elevator buttons, and walls with EPA registered disinfectants. (COVID disinfecting).



    1. Dust all high-reach areas including the top of door frames, structural and furniture ledges, etc.
    2. Polish and dust interior corridor planter.


  1. Thoroughly sanitize/clean with disinfectant. All urinals, partitions, toilets, toilet seats, and on the outside of the toilet, showers, ceramic tile walls, and washbasins.
  2. Clean, disinfect, and polish all mirrors, dispensers, faucets, flush meters, and bright metal.
  3. Clean and disinfect countertops, sinks, faucets, and outside of wastebaskets.
  4. Mop all restroom floors.
  5. Empty waste and feminine product receptacles.
  6. Replenish/restock restroom supplies as required with those supplies furnished by the Owner, ensuring each day is started with a full dispenser.
  7. Disinfect all frequently touched areas including handles, doors, partitions, and walls with EPA registered disinfectants. (COVID disinfecting).


  1. Dust top of partitions and all high fixtures.


  1. Clean all partitions and spot clean all walls.
  2. Strip and clean off soap scum and soil in shower areas.
  3. Scrub and rinse all floors.
  4. Disinfect all frequently touched areas including handles, doors, and walls with EPA registered disinfectants. (COVID disinfection).


  1. Dust and clean all low reach and high reach areas including ledges, and mirrors.


  1. Spot clean interior stainless-steel surfaces to cab walls and doors.
  2. Spot clean outside surfaces of all elevator doors and frames
  3. Wipe down all wall panels
  4. Disinfect all frequently touched areas including handles, doors, knobs, push plates, elevator buttons, and walls with EPA registered disinfectants. (COVID disinfecting).


              Clean and polish chrome and bright metal


  1. Disinfect (COVID disinfection) and wipe down handrails, doors, and push plates.
  2. Mop/sweep stairs and all corners

Garbage and Recycling Services

In association with City of Portland City Code requirements, the Metro Recycling Program and our Waste handler, the Pacific Building recycles a minimum of 25% of generated waste and strives to consistently meet or exceed 50%.

Bottles and cans that have deposits should not be processed through the Pacific Building program, as they will be recycled, not returned for deposit. Our recycling area is located at the East end of the Basement, through the Mail Room.

Our contractor supplies blue 30 gallon wheeled bins for mixed use recycling: paper, plastic, metals, and small cardboard. Tenants may request a container to be kept in the office, to be inspected weekly and exchanged when full. These bins are NOT for secure or sensitive documents, food contaminated materials, glass, cardboard boxes, or restricted wastes (see below).

Any office material that will fit into the recycling containers may be recycled.  Food contaminated wastes may only be placed in trash receptacles.

Located in the basement there are 2 brown non-recyclable waste containers for disposal of odd size and / or bagged food/liquid waste. All other wastes must be securely bagged for removal by the waste company.

In addition, there is 1 blue container for glass and metal cans, emptied by Trashco when close to full.

There are 3 black open bins in the area opposite to garbage and recycling, marked PB; these are for Janitorial use only.

There is a recycle box for toner cartridges.

The Pacific Building does not provide recycling for compost.

Special Note:  Fire Regulations state waste / recycling may NOT be placed in the stairwells; must NOT restrict or block access corridors or public areas.  Hazardous wastes, i.e. paint, printer cartridges, light bulbs and electronic (any item with a circuit board)  must be handled and processed separately.  Pacific Building Staff will review and assist with removal or recommendations for same upon request.  

Special note: The Pacific Building staff recommends that sensitive documents disposal be contracted to local vendors as required or shredded prior to recycling in-house.

  1.      Upon request, each work area / desk is provided a cardboard container for recycling fiber mix paper products: newspaper, office paper, magazines, catalogs, corrugated and / or small cardboard packaging. These are supplied by Metro, and are emptied on cleaning days.
  2.      Tenant may supply individual recycling containers for glass, aluminum, tin and plastics. Upon request, custodial staff empty weekly or as needed. Large amounts can be removed by contacting Maintenance.
  3.   Large cardboard / paper packaging may be placed in designated areas for removal daily or upon request. . File boxes and other larger cardboard containers must be broken down/flattened and clearly marked for Recycling or they will not be removed.  The custodial services crew does NOT have access to carts, hand trucks or dollies. Please organize accordingly.  Retail Stores: Tenants are required to flatten and consolidate all cardboard into the smallest possible space due to the volume of materials.
  4.      In general, usable electronic recyclables, furniture, large office items, and some wood products must be removed by tenant.  Please contact Maintenance at “[email protected]” for assistance, as broken items that are waste will be reduced and recycled on-site, in addition to coordination of removal.
  5.   Please remember that All recycling containers must remain free of food and waste products. Any container with even a small amount of waste must be treated as Non-Recyclable and disposed of as trash! Retail Stores: Tenant must double or triple bag waste that contains food or liquids, removing such materials using internal staff members. Maintenance will provide exterior elevator service weekly upon request.

Building staff work to monitor trends and whenever possible, add or combine options for recycling additional categories and material types and remain up to date with current guidelines.

Thank you for assistance with our recycling program!


Composting comes to Pacific Building!

Pacific Building will expand its recycling program with the addition of composting.

Why Composting is Important

Organic waste in landfills generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas. By composting wasted food and other organics, methane emissions are significantly reduced.

Food scraps become biogas, which provides electricity for local homes and businesses. They will also become fertilizer, adding nutrients to soil at local farms and gardens. All food can go into Portland’s business composting, including trimmings, plate scrapings, bones, shells, meat, fish, dairy, bread, pasta eggs, coffee grounds, and all vegetables and fruit.

The tenant will be responsible for providing containers and liners since all tenants have a different amount of compost.

Compost collection containers, properly lined, will be emptied by housekeeping as part of the regular evening cleaning service. More information can be found about bins, liners, signage at https://www.portland.gov/sustainabilityatwork/business-compost-tips#toc-how-to-compost-at-your-office

Security Services

Emergency Contact List

The Pacific Building maintains an emergency contact list for each tenant.  We request that you provide a name and home telephone number of one key employee.  This person will be contacted in the event of an emergency. Periodically, we may request that your provide updated information.

In addition, we request that you provide us with a list of all employees allowed access to your office.  This list will be used by staff to control access on evenings, weekends and holidays. If an employee is on this list we may assist in their access in the event they do not have a key.  Therefore it is vital that anytime you have a change in status you provide a new updated list.

Please email your list, either in Excel or Word format, on your letterhead to Tenant Services at [email protected].

Tenants are responsible for notifying any contractors, service personnel or outside vendors working on your behalf of building rules and regulations.  Visitors such as these are required to check in with security in the lobby console prior to going to the designated tenant floor. They must sign in and out on the security book at the lobby console.  

If you schedule contractor work on weekends or after hours weekdays, please advise Tenant Services via email, [email protected], at least 24 hours in advance.

Business customers and clients are not required to check in.

Security Duties and Responsibilities

The Pacific Building contracts with Universal Protection Services to provide on-site security personnel to observe and report activities that are detrimental to the safety and security of the facility and its occupants.  We encourage you to promptly report any suspicious activity, person or crime, which you consider to be a threat to your safety or security. Contact Tenant Services at 503-227-6142 with your questions or concerns.

We request that all contractors doing work on your office space sign in and out at the lobby guard station.

Tenants entering the building during non business hours are also required to sign in and out at the lobby guard station.

Security personnel are not police.  They do not have police power and should not be regarded as such.

Security personnel will provide the following services upon request:

Investigate, document and report any criminal activity.

Respond to any report of suspicious activity and/or person.

Security personnel are not able to provide the following services:

Make an arrest.  Only an eyewitness to criminal activity can make a citizen’s arrest.  If a crime is committed on the property or against an employee, a report should be filed with police.

Request that an unwanted individual leave your business area.  If someone is acting inappropriately, it is the responsibility of the tenant to tell the individual to leave.  However, if there is any reason to fear violence from the individual, security personnel will respond and assist if the need arises.

Personal Safety and Theft Prevention

Tips to ensure your personal safety include:

Lock all office doors when working alone after normal business hours.

Be familiar with emergency escape routes.

Project confidence through your body language.  Those who communicate fear, carelessness or other signs of weakness by the way the walk, stand, sit, or talk may attract the opportunistic criminal.

Prepare yourself in advance with a set of response options in a time of danger or stress. Too often, victims are overwhelmed by an unexpected situation and fail to respond properly.

Take note of strangers.  Make eye contact and ask if you may assist them.  Be alert for loiterers during lunch hours.

Verify the identification of service persons and do not release equipment without authorization from management.  This is also true of package pick up, make sure you surrender items to an authorized carrier.

Do not leave purses or other valuables on or near your desk.  Keep these items locked inside a desk or cabinet.

Keep blank checks and check protectors in a locking desk or filing cabinet.

Emergency Procedures

Fire Safety Planning / Fire Alarms

To help insure the Pacific Building staff and tenants react properly to an emergency situation, unless notified of a test, ANY fire alarm must be taken seriously. This requires that everyone exit the building quickly.

Each tenant has a responsibility to their employees to establish emergency procedures and provide information and training to minimize the possibility of loss of life during an alarm or emergency situation. The following is the minimum information that everyone should be familiar with for dealing with an alarm:

Upon Hearing an Alarm:

  • Shutdown equipment in a pre planned manner when applicable.
  • Leave the building immediately.
  • Close all doors behind you to confine the fire.
  • Use exit stairwells where applicable to leave the building.
  • If designated with fire emergency duties, carry out pre-planned procedures.


  • Do not use the elevators.  Use stairwells and fire escapes only.
  • Do not re-enter the building until advised by Pacific Building personnel.  We will wait for the all clear from fire and safety personnel.
  • Have a designated meeting area away from the building to account for all personnel. The area should be far enough away to not interfere with emergency response personnel.
Factors to Consider For Developing Internal Emergency Procedures
  • Do all employees understand the procedures they are expected to follow in an emergency (are there language barriers, etc.)?
  • Are there people who require assistance in evacuating (mobility/hearing disabilities)?
  • Are employees trained to safely shut down critical systems or equipment they are using during an emergency in order to prevent further hazards?
  • Are measures in place to respond to the safety needs of guests or contractors during an emergency?
  • Will employees practice using firefighting and related safety equipment to enhance their personal safety and response to a fire emergency?

For more information on developing and implementing your internal emergency plan, WWW.OSHA.GOV and WWW.USFA.FEMA.Gov are excellent resources.

Mail and Delivery Services

U.S. Postal Service

Each inside tenant will be assigned a mailbox, located on the basement level and be provided with one key.  The building management has no control over the delivery and pickup times of mail by the U.S. Postal Service.  

The U.S. Postal Service provides door-to-door mail delivery for ground floor exterior tenants and mailroom service for all inside tenants.  Tenants may pick up daily mail at their leisure.

The Pacific Building is serviced by:

Waterfront Station Post Office

101 SW Madison St.

Portland, OR  97204-9998


Delivery Services

Drop boxes for the following national carriers are located on the basement level.

For information on pickup please see posted details on drop boxes.

Carrier Phone
FedEx 800-463-3339
United Parcel Service (UPS) 800-742-5877

Holidays & Security Access

Pacific Building closures for the upcoming holidays; standard week-end access restrictions will be in effect.

Holidays Closed

  1. Memorial Day
  2. Fourth of July
  3. Labor Day          
  4. Thanksgiving        
  5. Christmas             
  6. New Years          

Weekend Hours for the Maintenance Staff are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Holiday Hours for the Maintenance Staff are 7a.m. to 3 p.m.

Maintenance during Holidays and weekends may be called at 971-225-0015.

As a reminder,

All floors have a three digit access code for the main elevators and the stairwell doors open on your floor with your access cards.